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Interview with Paola Peruzzo – owner

Since 1972 Peruzzo is a Venetian company that has distinguished itself in the world for the production of bike racks and accessories for the cycle, some of which are also patented. Today it is witnessing the generational shift, which includes above all the passage of technical know-how, the added value of every product branded Peruzzo. From father Angelo to daughters Paola and Martina and their respective husbands: a family-run business that is growing, even in operational dimensions.

The company choice is to make use of trusted suppliers from the North East, to enhance the local economy to provide a 100% Made in Italy product.

Innovation, the study of products and the restyling of existing items are the company’s leitmotiv: investing in the product. For this reason, for over 15 years they have found the ideal partner in Esedra, also from a functional and mechanical point of view.

The new range of items aims to satisfy a market evolution, which is no longer a trend but an established reality today: the E-bike.

Eurobike in Germany is the most important trade fair in the world, to which Peruzzo participates every year presenting the latest news.

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