Interview with Stefano Porporati – CEO of Bravo Sport

Bravo Sport is a company based in California, which operates all over the world in the sports and outdoor sector.

In Italy in Altivole (Tv) the distribution in Europe and in some international markets is followed.

There are two divisions: the “Specialty”, which contains brands related to sport (bike, skateboard, ski etc.), and the “Toys”, which produces scooters and skateboards.

For the 661 brand, an American brand of bike helmets, they relied on Esedra Studio as most of the sales take place in Europe, therefore a different sensitivity and knowledge of the market is required.

The 661 Reset Helmet project was carried out by Esedra Studio: basic design concept, creation of the 3D model with marketing support for the English office and the supervision of Bravo Sport It.

The plus of Esedra: speed. The first prototype was built in nine months, launched at Eurobike 2017 and re-proposed in 2018 with new graphics. A single point of contact for the whole process, with the advantage of simplifying and streamlining times and keeping the ergonomics and aesthetics variables under control.

A great success in terms of sales, guaranteed by the lightness of the product, the low costs, the safety. The helmet is MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) certified, a sliding surface system designed to rotate inside the helmet with the intent of reducing and slowing down the amount of energy transferred to the head and with the aim of decreasing the injuries caused by rotational impacts. The certification was managed directly by Esedra.

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