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Interview with Lago Fabio – owner of Lago Accessori srl

Photo: IAA fair Hannover (DE)

LAGO is one of the leading European manufacturers of accessories and components for industrial vehicles: tool boxes, mudguards, fire extinguisher holders and other complementary products.

LAGO products are not only the result of research on aesthetic value, attention to detail but above all of the continuous dedication and study of qualitative solutions that can reduce assembly times and the number of components of the production lines, for a global improvement of the efficiency of the supply chain.

The main showcase of the Truck & Trailer market is the biennial IAA fair in Hanover; it is precisely here that all the players in the supply chain meet and it is here that LAGO, every two years, launches new products, presents new projects and new “concepts” and above all compares and collects ideas, to see and think further and further away .

Studio Esedra has decades of experience in the Truck & Trailer sector and has been supporting LAGO in its projects for several years as a strategic provider of services for design and industrialization.

One of the most representative projects of the collaboration between Esedra Studio and LAGO is KOMPOS-IT, the toolbox – and not only – the first modular box that can be assembled on assembly, after shipment. It is a project born from the study of the South American market, a market in some ways very different from the European one, where products with different characteristics and sizes are required.

KOMPOS-IT has fully responded to the needs: a large box, which can be shipped completely disassembled, to significantly reduce the shipping volume – up to 60% – which can be customized according to the wishes of the buyer, or the consumer, and it can therefore be a simple toolbox, a neat shelf with dividers and drawers, or even a traveling kitchen.

A successful project, which combines mechanical skills and thermoplastic materials with industrial design to find, together, ever better solutions!

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