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Jelenia Plast is an international leader in the production of plastic household items and garden items. Founded in 1992 by Mathias and Jens Kröger in Poland, it employs around 800 employees. Investing in technologies, people and ideas: the company is developed in seven plants, for a total area of ​​75,000 square meters with further expansion prospects. The company supplies chains that require more and more checks, efficiency and punctuality. If until fifteen years ago the competition was very limited, today the market is more fierce, especially in terms of price: a considerable effort is therefore necessary to satisfy the demand for a “beautiful product for little money”. Not only China as a competitor market: Turkey is the new frontier of low cost but well organized production. Mathias Kröger has understood the value of delegating and relying on worthy and capable collaborators, managing to weave long-lasting relationships with suppliers and customers. This is the case of the twenty-year collaboration between Jelenia Plast and Esedra which is mainly based on a concept shared by the parties: the design must be functional. The working method consolidated over the years has as its starting objective the optimization of costs to lower the price of the final product. Volumetric calculations and palletization are parameters that make the difference, constant evaluation work for Esedra. In recent years, Jelenia Plast has been developing large garden and storage products, which require careful analysis of these variables. The best ideas during the collaboration were born from curiosity, from the ability to see beyond everyday objects: insights that have led the company to success today. The entrepreneur passed on a great secret to Esedra: having the courage to change the page can sometimes be more convenient than persevering in unconvincing situations or projects. Often, for fear of wasting efforts and time, changes are continued which instead of strengthening weaken the project and the enthusiasm of the creative drive. A continuous work in progress, which has led to mutual growth and esteem and reserves far-sighted prospects.

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