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Interview with Giorgio Durin – owner Detas Spa

The Detas Group specializes in power electronics applied to various sectors such as components for industrial automation, functional LED lighting, traffic safety and electric vehicle charging.

The Brescia-based company is historic: five generations that have handed down the experience, while looking to the future with foresight and ability to change. This change took place in the 2000s, when the 80% distribution – 20% production was reversed.

In May 2018 Detas decided to launch a new proprietary brand with the aim of improving the performance of cables (insulation / watertightness, tear, fire) by minimizing the number of system models in order to reduce costs; Eight months later DetasUltra was born, a brand with a strong national character, “Designed and Engineered in Italy”, exported all over the world.

An arduous challenge both in terms of organization and timing, which saw the support of its engineering resources, those of Studio Esedra, in a partnership that proved to be successful and that made it possible to achieve the objective by identifying competitive advantages in a clear and concrete.

High technical content design, prototyping, ability to relate to mold makers and production, rapid timing: these are the prerogatives for the collaboration with Esedra, which to date, as confirmed by the owner Mr. Giorgio Durin, have been fully satisfied.

Constant dialogue and a great ability to identify with everyday problems proved to be fundamental in the crucial phases of the tests, where the need arose several times to make changes to the initial project.

A milestone reached after a year of work was the UL Certification, essential for DI Detas customers who sell industrial machinery in the United States.

And now Detas together with the Esedra studio looks to the future by designing increasingly safe, innovative and competitive systems to continue to provide a top level standard.

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