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Interview with Stefano Serena – Research & Development Manager

For over forty years, BRADO has been producing individual seating elements that can be freely assembled in many different solutions and complete kits ready for assembly.

Brado is part of the Twins Network group, and within it is divided into Brado Factory, Brado Office and Brado Contract.

It is a company that has been able to incorporate the great transformation in its reference market, even managing to anticipate it: the concepts of design and contract forms have entered the office environment and the technicality, purely characterizing the office, has entered the contract world .

The concept of the office chair, as we are used to seeing it, is undergoing a marked transformation, which allows new areas of use: the children’s room and the home office, for example.

The beating heart of the company is Brado Factory which from a technical and R&D office has evolved into a laboratory of ideas, experimentation, discussion and prototyping, thus becoming an independent entity over the years, while maintaining close collaboration with other company areas, as well as partners. externals such as Esedra.

The technical skills were joined by creative and artistic ones, opening their doors to collaboration with important Italian and foreign designers. Different designers from each other in training, style and concepts but who in recent years have wanted to share our innovative path.

The evolutionary line was received by Esedra, a studio initially seen as an operational / executive supplier, and then transformed into a partner thanks to the ability to provide even complex development solutions in the mechanical, ergonomic and design fields, in close collaboration with the designers and Brado. Factory.

Becoming a partner means working in a team, and it is no longer enough to exchange information and data, but communication becomes essential: this is the challenge and the most ambitious future prospect in order to deeply integrate the two companies. This implies a further path of growth which first of all provides for transparency, but not least the acceptance of limits, constructive discussion of issues and the evaluation of past experience, taking into account errors and successes.

A daily work in progress, which stimulates and manages to renew the enthusiasm of a relationship of mutual trust that has lasted for over 15 years. We mention Absolute, Malika and the Kylie base family among the most interesting projects developed together in recent years.

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