EICMA Fair with the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers

Eicma this year has meant for us to see the fruits of our work. Three of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers have chosen Mondialstampi and Time Tecnologie for the molds and molding of fairings and accessories of the latest models born, exhibited at the fair. The satisfaction in having contributed to the final result stems […]

PLAST FAIR 2018 – May 29th to June 1st

Work in progress … we are also organizing for 2018 our presence at the Plast Fair in Milan, which will be held from May 29th to June 1st. The choice of Plast as a showcase has been renewed for years as it is one of the most important world fairs for plastics. The message we […]

Presenteremo l’importanza della misurazione degli impatti ambientali il 26 Settembre 2023

Ecomondo – Digital Green Week


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